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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the Irish Vintage Society?
A. The Irish vintage society is an umbrella group of vintage clubs, groups and individual enthusiasts interested in the preservation and restoration of old cars, tractors, Farm machinery, public service vehicles, and memorabilia from our social and agricultural heritage.

Q. Do I have to acquire a vintage car/tractor, etc., to join the IVS?
A. Not at all. Lots of our members join just to be involved in the vintage scene .

Q. How do I form a local vintage club?
A. Contact the I.V.S., for advice and the necessary paperwork. You will need a minimum of 15 members to start, and officers and committee must be elected from the members. We are always keen to encourage new clubs.

Q. How much does Club Affiliation cost?
A. Your Club will be required to pay a €50 annual fee to affiliate to the Society at the start of the year.

Q. How much are the Membership Fees?
A. Your club members will be required to pay, at the start of each year, €30.00 to your club Secretary : the club treasurer will then pay €20.00 per person to the Society and retain €10.00 per person to cover administration expenses for your club.

Q. What happens at local club meetings?
A. It varies, but regular meetings during the year are recommended, when the club can decide to hold vintage rallies and tractor runs, visit or participate in vintage events around the country or, just meet regularly for a chat

Q. If there is not a club in my local area, can I still join the IVS?
A. Of course, many join the IVS., directly by sending their full membership fee of €30.00 to the Membership Secretary, they will then receive a membership badge shortly in the post.

Q. What exactly does the IVS., provide for its clubs and members?
A. All paid up members will receive the following:
›› Membership badge.
›› Receive a full colour annual Vintage News magazine through the post.
›› Receive our Diary of Events annually though the post.
›› Your membership badge will give you access to our Vintage Insurance Package for your vintage vehicle.

For affiliated Clubs:
›› Public Liability Insurance cover is available from the IVS for your vintage event. Application forms can be downloaded from this site.
›› Clubs will retain part of the membership fee (€10.) to cover administration costs.
›› The free annual Vintage News magazine & Diary of events for your members will be sent to the Club Secretary for distribution.
›› Clubs will be invited to submit, free of charge, their annual report of their club’s activities for the year; we would also welcome photographs for publication in the magazine.
›› Clubs will also be asked to submit dates for their vintage events for inclusion in the annual Diary of Events.

Q. What does the Public Liability Insurance package actually cover?
A. Our Public Liability Insurance indemnifies the Irish Vintage Society Ltd and all Affiliated Clubs for their legal liability at law for any one accident causing bodily injury or damage to a third party up to a limit of indemnity of €6.5million. All vintage club meetings are covered under our Public Liability Policy. All Vintage Rallies and Vintage Road Runs.

Items Not covered:
›› Exhibits of static model working steam engines, exhibitors should have the necessary Public Liability insurance certificate in place.
›› Please note that all contractors, amusements, pony rides, trailer rides, sports, auto-jumble, Trade stands, Independent Food outlets, Bouncy Castles, tug-of-war, sports, pony rides, mini-digger trials, are not covered by this policy.

Q. Tractor and cars not insured, are they covered by the Vintage Rally’s Public Liability cover?
A. No: All vehicles on the rally field must have their own vehicle insurance as required by law – the owner is personally responsible for any accident or claim that may arise on the grounds or car parks – as the rally field is deemed a public place on that day.

Q. Are members and their helpers insured to provide food for the public?
A. Public Liability extends to include Products liability risk cover associated with the organising committee themselves arranging for and supplying tea, sandwiches & refreshments.

Q. Will my IVS membership badge allow me free admission into IVS rallies?
A. No: All rally committees decide their own admission fees and reserve the right of admission.